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Please disregard all pricing for the Uncle Sam Says stories throughout this website. In response to the 1619 project, The Critical Race Theory, and the Cancel Culture influence suddenly being increased in our public schools we have changed the format of all of our stories on this website plus all of the stories from the “Uncle Sam Says podcasts”.

We have combined them all into one download of nearly 18 hours of stories and will download them to you for a one-time payment of only $11.95. Components of the Critical Race Theory have been taught for over one hundred years in our public schools and will continue to be taught. If your student must continue to swim in the turbulent waters of Public School indoctrination these true stories will “drown proof” him or her so they can Cancel the Cancel Culture’s effect in their lives.

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Patriots, Conservatives, and People who Love America.

America is in trouble and it is time for us to unite and come together for ourselves, our children, grandchildren, and future generations.


In order to Make America Great Again, you need to understand the foundation of America as prescribed by our Founding Fathers.

They say “Knowledge is Power”. That statement is only half true. Knowledge is Power ONLY when it is turned into ACTION.

You could be the smartest person in your city, state or country. But all that knowledge without action is USELESS and helps No One.

The Uncle Sam Says monthly subscription and newsletter gives you the important information you need to put into ACTION. To help your fellow Patriots and Conservatives Make America Great Again.

Benefits Of Membership

The membership includes discounts on books that are important to our cause. Discounts on products to help us survive a local or national crisis. A Private Facebook Group where you can learn and share with other Patriots and Conservatives of the same mindset. Plans for things you can build yourself to protect you and your family. And much more.

PLUS every issue of the Uncle Sam Says monthly newsletter is jam-packed with valuable information you won’t get anywhere else.



  • Feature story – takes you on a journey about America then and now.
  • President’s article – about what is needed to Save America.
  • Cartoon – what’s life without a little humor (at the Liberals expense LOL).
  • 3rd party article – each month a special guest article by a well-known individual.
  • Mascot – watch as our Uncle Sam Says mascot shares words of wisdom.
  • Preparedness – Tips on being prepared for any kind of disaster to protect your family.

Private Facebook Group

  • Share information with other Patriots who can benefit from your knowledge and resources. We can all help each other.

Discounts on products and books

  • Every month we are adding quality products that you can use.
  • Free Uncle Sam Says Stories! (normally $1.99 each) Your children/Grandkids will love them!
  • Resources – little known resources to expand your knowledge.


Training & Classes

As a member or distributor, you have exclusive access to special live training.
The classes are presented by experts in their fields.
Each class is presented in either a ZOOM or Teleconference format.
Each training is 30-60 minutes and will have a Q and A.
Members and distributors will have access to recordings of all training in their back office just in case you miss one.
Even if you are not a member you can purchase one of the training classes for a $9.95 fee.

Training Classes will begin in February and will be twice a week. You will be notified by email of exact dates and times.


List of Training Classes

  • History of Atomic EMP
    Explains how much we knew and when we knew it. How dangerous is it?
  • How we build our network.
    Explains how we are building the largest network of ham operators.
  • Why we need the American Heritage Program.
    Explains what happened to our schools and how the American Heritage package works.
  • How to study for and pass your technician test.
    How you can study for 8 to 10 hours and pass your amateur radio test.
  • How to build your own colloidal silver generator
    Silver kills all pathogens. We teach you how to build your own generator for about $20.00
  • America and Slavery
    The truth is that we showed the world how to kill slavery rather than cave into it.
  • How to find schools
    How to find, qualify, and teach schools how to use the American Heritage program
  • Our company, you, and the law.
    We obey the law. But we need to know it to obey it.
  • Build your own water from air machine
    Build your own $3,000 “Water from Air” machine for less than $800.
  • In defense of slave owners
    Columbus, Jefferson, and lots of others have been given undeserved bad reputations.
  • How to build your business
    This business can replace all your other income. Jeff will show you how.
  • How we build our network.
    Explains how we are building the largest network of ham operators
    Practice Class on Zoom ??
    We practice building the network
  • Teaching Rhymstables to teachers
    Teaches how to teach teachers to teach the Rhymstables.
  • How to build your Business
    This business can replace all your other income. Jeff will show you how
  • How to teach a teacher
    Teaches how to use our program
  • How to can meat
    Teaches how to can meat so it won’t spoil in your freezer
  • How to take more money home from a regular job
    This is a home-based business and has nearly all of the tax benefits of large corps. This class shows how to increase your take-home pay, legally.


All this and MORE for a small monthly subscription fee of only $9.95

And there is a way you can earn an income just by sharing the Uncle Sam Says monthly newsletter with friends, family, and everyone you know.

Corporate Mission and Philosophy


We teach, We teach, We teach, We teach.


It breaks our heart to see our country being destroyed around us. Our mission is to do all we can to reverse the process. The only way this can happen is to first have a totally protected method of disseminating the truth. .. No more fake news!

This will begin with a brand new way to pass information to our members as well as Americans in general. Our network of amateur radio operators will first be trained to keep their radios working no matter what! Even if there is an atomic EMP event, a solar EMP event or bad weather or even civil war. Our radios will be working and without regard to using the repeater towers which may or may not be dependable. Our ham operators will be integrated into a nationwide network that will be trained to respond to change daily as needed because of atmospherics or other reasons so that critical information can be passed on. Beneath the ham operators will be another layer of walkie-talkie radio operators that will be similarly trained within the limits of their radios.

The second leg of our company is built around our American Heritage kits of teaching materials designed to give teachers a new and exciting ability to teach the true history of our country and the real difference between our Constitution and Socialism. We have accumulated all of the materials that our founding Fathers used to shape their thinking before the Revolution. Materials such as Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations. The writings of John Locke, Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, and his later work: The American Crisis. George Washington was so impressed with this book that before the battle of Trenton he ordered his officers to read it to their men on the parade ground. We also include the great essays of Hamilton, Madison, and Jay where they gave all of the arguments for ratifying our Constitution called the Federalist Papers. We are including information about slavery and our Constitution and the great victory we had in the destroying of slavery that had been rampant through all of world history. It was us, America that finally officially stopped slavery. We had to make a lot of compromises along the way even in order to get a Constitution. But we made those compromises, we did get our Constitution, and we did finally stop slavery. Now we are still mopping up the mess that slavery caused.

Our mission includes giving teachers the tools they can use to teach the truth to their students so that no student will ever believe that America is bad because it was built upon the backs of Slaves. Columbus as well as all of our other great founders will be taught as the heroes they were.

Our Mission includes teaching the real value of our Constitution: When Adam and Eve were driven out of the Garden of Eden, they had to walk! There was no limousine! But soon they learned that animals had bigger muscles than they did and they began to use them for carrying, plowing, riding and so forth. 5,000 years later in 1780 we were still using animals to do our work. But then a miracle happened. In less than 200 years we were walking on the moon! What happened? Serendipity? Just dumb luck? No!!!! It was the Constitution!

For the first time in the history of the world men knew that their rights came from God and not some King or other sovereign. For the first time in the history of the world men knew that they could build their destiny and their wealth and that their government would help them in the doing of it. For the first time they knew that they could build wealth and pass it on to their family and it would be protected by our Constitution. We became the most powerful nation the world had ever seen. We became the wealthiest nation on earth. The wealthiest nation to ever be on the earth. We became the breadbasket of the world. We gave more charity than all other nations combined. We created more patents, we built better homes. When we saw tyranny we sent our young men and women to stop it. They won all over the world. We won, We conquered. And then… being Americans, we gave it all back! We gave it all back! Every single nation that we conquered, we gave it all back and then…. and then we invested in their economy until today they are our biggest competitors. Go figure! Could we have kept those countries? Of course we could. Who would have stopped us? The laws of conquest would completely agree. But we gave it all back ….except just enough of their land to bury our dead.

The third leg of our company completes our Mission by teaching our members to have their critical needs met during any time of emergency so we can continue to provide the basics in our other two legs. This is survival. We emphasize staying at home where all of our resources are instead of “bugging out” if possible. One of our first and most important needs during most any emergency is drinking water, especially during or after an EMP event when all electricity is out, the phones are out, the Internet is down and no hope for repair anytime soon.

Our Cloudburst is a machine that is self contained and will bring 3 or 4 gallons of water per day right out of the air even in desert regions. We have lots of ways to protect our members.

So our mission is to train our people to build a national network of ham operators trained to keep their radios working during any emergency so truth can be sent. No more fake news! Our Mission is also to bring truth to teachers in a format that they can easily teach it to their students. Truth in history, Academics, and Medical. Truth that has been forgotten, set aside or even stolen from us. And finally, our mission must include tools for our members to survive any disaster whether natural or manmade. Not only to survive but to thrive so they can continue to support the other two legs.

Our Mission Statement


We teach, We teach, We teach, We teach.

God’s Plan = Freedom

Devil’s Plan = Socialism/Communism


Socialism’s tools = Hate, Violence, & Force

Freedom’s tools = America’s Constitution/Bill of Rights

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