1700’s Tragedy

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The American colonists in the 1700s had a huge problem. They were scattered along a thousand miles of barren, even hostile coastline. There weren’t any roads and very few trails so the only sure way of getting information about each other was from the occasional merchant ships or ships of the king’s navy.

British atrocities in virtually all of the colonies but most especially in Boston came to a head in 1768 when King George sent his troopships into Boston Harbor and began to harass the townspeople. That is when Samuel Adams, Joseph Warren, James Otis, and others decided that something had to be done to ensure that all of the colonies would be informed about the British atrocities as quickly as possible.

The Idea of the Correspondence Committees was begun.

Then in March of 1770, the British soldiers fired into a group of unarmed citizens killing five. Paul Revere, at the behest of that first Correspondence Committee, rode all the way to New York City with the news. Finally, in 1772 Samuel Adams made the announcement in a Boston Townhall meeting formally organizing the Correspondence committee. Other towns followed quickly.

In 1773 the Virginia Commonwealth formed their Correspondence Committee and 80 more were formed within just the next three months.

The Committees were made up of men and even women who instantly, upon receiving word, would grab their horse, get on a chariot, jump in a boat, or even run on foot to their assigned next destination. It was similar to but far more extensive than our more modern Pony Express.

The Pony Express lasted for only 18 months While the Correspondence Committees began in Boston in 1768 and lasted right up to sending Paul Revere and William Dawes on their famous rides to Concord and Lexington, but also on into the Revolutionary War. We would never have been able to win that war without them.
Well, The CC rides again!

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