Correspondence Committee

Get Involved and Make A Difference

Have you ever wondered what you could do for your country that would actually make a difference?

Join the Correspondence Committee!


*You can become a strategic link in the network of volunteers all across our country to make sure that critical news (the truth) gets to all the people.

*You can help us give our American Heritage kits to schools at no charge to help teachers teach their students the truth that has been changed, lost, or stolen from them.

*You can help restore the truth about medical breakthroughs and cures that have been suppressed.

*You can give 4 and 5-year-old kids the gift of a perfect understanding of the times tables reversing the present trend of “the dumbing down of Americans”.

*You can learn hundreds of life-saving solutions to Natural or Man-made emergencies. We can make an atomic EMP irrelevant so far as communication is concerned.

*You can give students of all ages true stories of our Founding Fathers that will cause them to fall in love with the Founding Fathers (again) so that they will fall in love with the documents they created (again), the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Please join us. We need you! America needs you! There is no cost to join. But it will get real expensive real fast if we lose this fight and America is lost to Socialism! And that is the truth!

  • Every week we will teach you many things about surviving and even thriving after an EMP.
  • We teach you how to fit into our nationwide walkie talkie grid that includes amateur radio operators so information can flow both up and down the grid.
  • Your country needs a form of organized communication.

When you are a member you will be given instant access to the rest of our website plus instructions for joining our conference calls each Thursday evening where you will learn how to be part of our emergency communications network plus tons of information about how to prepare to survive and thrive an EMP or any other disaster.

Thank you so much!

Ron Sinclair

Please watch our video below

Free to Join
No cost, No strings

When you join, we ask you to immediately do three things:

  1. Obtain a good set of walkie talkies.
    They should be of at least a twenty five mile range. (Don’t get the rechargeable kind unless they can also be run with batteries.)   Cost= $30 to $50.
  2. Protect your gear.
    Place them in a Faraday cage or EMP bag with batteries and leave them there. You can purchase an EMP bag here on our website.
  3.  Communications
    Get involved in the (HAM) Amateur Radio Club and learn how to get your FCC license. Using ham radios is fun and it saves lives!
    You can find a club near you by going to: .
    Learn more about Amateur Radio at the official ARRL (American Radio Relay League) website:
    Once you get your ticket (call sign / license) you can then talk “around the world” and locally with other ham radio operators!

There are plenty of books out there to help you understand how to stay in touch, when the world (or your area) goes silent. Here is one we enjoy and think you will too:

Personal Emergency CommunicationsPersonal Emergency Communications
(links to book on Amazon)

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