Like The Pony Express

Like The Pony Express
February 5, 2020

Hello America!  It’s time for Uncle Sam Says. 

In the 1700’s our colonists desperately needed a fast and reliable way to get the truth to the people.  Their answer was the Correspondence Committees who acted very much like our Pony Express but far more involved.

The Pony Express just brought mail in one direction with one man on one horse. The main difference with the Correspondence Committees was that when the word was given, Men, and even women, went out in every direction. They went on horseback, in wagons, on boats, and even on foot.  The truth was available as fast to them as our Internet is to us.

Our Internet is as critical to us as the Correspondence Committees were to them.

What if our Internet were to go down?

Yes, What if our Internet were to go down? What if our media, our newspapers, TV, and Radio were to stop telling us the truth?

That is what happened to the Colonists. 

Yeah!  They were being fed fake news too!  Well to counter that they began the Correspondence Committees.

Well, we are doing it too! No more fake news!  And what if that most terrible thing happened that Newt Gingrich said was the greatest threat us…. an atomic EMP event?  Yep. That would certainly shut down the Internet…… as well as the phones, the power grid, the water, sewer, yep…. all of our utilities gone and for many months! 

Well, our modern-day Correspondence Committees have the solution for that.  All of our members (that’s you) will be able to pick up our equipment and keep the truth flowing just like it never happened. 

ham radio emergency services

Come join us!  We are free to join.   We will teach you how to defeat an EMP event and keep information flowing.

The CC rides again!  Yes, The Correspondence Committee has been resurrected and rides again bringing truth to all Americans.  No more fake news!   We need you.

Remember, you are learning the truth! 

Tell your friends.

Speak with boldness! And keep your powder dry!

Mary Higgins Delaware Attorney

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