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EMP Bags

Until the EMP bag, if you wanted to protect your electronics, you had to build your own Faraday cage and that was a pain. The EMP bag is the perfect faraday cage. It is cheap, easy to get, it is convenient to use and it works. 

Our EMP bag is 5 mill metalized mylar. 

EMP Bag to protect your electronicsIt is 18 inches by 28 inches and has its own zip lock closure.  It will protect up to 44 decibles which will work for most types of nuclear bombs but if your crystal ball tells you that a special EMP enhanced bomb is on the way you can shove one bag inside another and double your protection to protect against every known threat. 

Our EMP bags are just $9.95 each plus $4.95 postage. Oh, and that $4.95 postage will cover the mailing costs for up to 10 EMP bags. Thats right just $4.95 is all the postage you will ever pay for up to 10 EMP bags.


self contained water maker


The self contained water maker! Using just sunlight and air it gives you up to three gallons a day!

This machine will not give you enough water to irrigate or probably not even enough to wash your clothes. But at up to 3 gallons per day even in desert climates… it can save your life as well as the lives of a few of your friends. All it needs is sunlight and air. It works at night too! It provides 1,000 watts of solar power to run it in the daytime and a battery pack to run it at night. The air to water machine only requires 200 watts so there is enough left over to run your freezer or refrigerator and even a few lights.

The technology is simple. If you cool air then the humidity in it is turned to condensation.
That is called rain. The same thing happens to your air-conditioning plant. It cools the air and it gives up its humidity. That is why all air-conditioning units have drain pipes… to drain away the condensate or water. We do not claim any new technology. The cloudburst is simply several “off the shelf” technologies that we have discovered and combined. Not all cloudbursts contain the same parts. We have to really scramble to get some of the parts at all. We do guarantee that the cloudburst will get you up to two to three gallons of life saving water every day that the humidity is over 35%. Even in the western deserts the humidity will go over 35% in the late night/early morning all year long.

We have not spent money on fancy packaging. That would just cost a lot more money.

Our goal is to provide a product that works. If you get thirsty you wont care about anything except that it works. Our Cloudburst does work. My first 12 hours with one yielded over two gallons of water from 35% humidity in Phoenix, Arizona. The Cloudburst looks homemade because it is homemade. We put them together right here. If you have the money, you can go online and find a great looking factory built Air to Water machine for $2,995.00 that will even get you more water… so they say. Oh, you have to plug it into your power grid so make sure you still have electricity. Oh, you can go online and get your own 100 watt solar powered unit for power for only $2,495.00. It looks real good too!

The Cloudburst comes pre-wired and the several pieces are all pre-assembled. It is completely self contained. It also has at least one and perhaps two solar panels and a battery pack that is all wired up for you. All you have to do is to plug them together. After unpacking you can have it up and running in about one minute. Presto, you will have 1,000 watts of power available and your air to water only needs 200 watts.

Caution! If your humidity goes below 30% do not run your Cloudburst. The result is not worth the power. Best to use that time and the sun to charge up your battery and run it at night and into the early morning when the humidity is much higher.

Your battery has a lot of reserve power but if you are running a big refrigerator and some other things it will probably not run the whole night. 1,000 watts is great but it will run down that battery pretty quickly… well, you will still get several hours but don’t expect miracles. All of the battery packs are not the same. We only can guarantee that yours will be at least a 100 ah battery of higher. This is not designed to run your house and all your appliances. It is designed to run during the day if your humidity is at least 35% And to run during the night enough to keep you in drinking water. That extra wattage and amp hours is there for bare minimum, stay alive, uses. If you use common sense about your freezer or refrigerator door staying shut, you can run at least one of them enough hours in the day to keep things frozen.

The cost is a bare $1,200.00 plus freight which we won’t know until we know where to ship. But it will be expensive… sorry, But the battery alone weighs 110 pounds. The Cloudburst actually comes in three packages and the total freight will be at least $300.00. So, We will charge you $1,500.00 and if it costs more we will eat it. If it costs less then we will refund the difference of the $300.00 back to you.

Cloudburst self contained water maker


These times are uncertain and demand is high. We will do all we can to keep up with demand but some of the elements of the Cloudburst are hard to find. We will fill your order from stock if we have finished units on hand. If not then we will fill your order as fast as we can obtain and assemble the parts (usually less than a week) and then we ship by UPS freight. We have to ship by freight rather than normal UPS because of the heavy battery pack.



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