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EMP Bags

Until the EMP bag, if you wanted to protect your electronics, you had to build your own Faraday cage and that was a pain. The EMP bag is the perfect faraday cage. It is cheap, easy to get, it is convenient to use and it works. 

Our EMP bag is 5 mill metalized mylar. 

EMP Bag to protect your electronicsIt is 18 inches by 28 inches and has its own zip lock closure.  It will protect up to 44 decibles which will work for most types of nuclear bombs but if your crystal ball tells you that a special EMP enhanced bomb is on the way you can shove one bag inside another and double your protection to protect against every known threat. 

Our EMP bags are just $9.95 each plus $4.95 postage. Oh, and that $4.95 postage will cover the mailing costs for up to 10 EMP bags. Thats right just $4.95 is all the postage you will ever pay for up to 10 EMP bags.

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