Sons of Liberty

Ron Sinclair

Hi, my name is Ron Sinclair and I am a co-founder of American Truth Restored. I helped start this company because I have kids and I have grand-kids and I am seeing the fulfillment of Ronald Reagan’s prophecy that if we do not fight for our freedoms will be telling our children and grandchildren what it was once like in the United States where men were free. I know that America is dying and is fast becoming “transformed” into a socialist state. I want my children to be able to raise their children in a free society as was envisioned by our Founding Fathers.

I am not a professional politician or historian but I am a student of both and my associates and I are indeed motivated. Over the last several decades we all have watched as seemingly unconnected events have joined together to cause freedom after freedom to be lost to us. In just the last couple of years we see the process speeded up tremendously and it is becoming alarming.

As we study the history of decline of America we have discovered that it is not an accident. We have been able to see how the dots are connected. It is indeed a conspiracy to destroy America and the conspiracy is trans-generational.

It has been carefully planned and the plan professionally executed for over two hundred years. And…. they are winning!