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John Paul Jones
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Our true stories of Our Founding Fathers, mothers, and other heroes of the Republic, are read aloud by Uncle Sam (Ron Sinclair). Listen as Uncle Sam tells about George Washington building the world’s largest chain. How he became the world’s first military commander to use a submarine in wartime. Learn about the “American Turtle”, George Washington’s rodeo, and when he almost had to get married because of a jumping contest!

You will learn about Nancy Hart, The William Penn Trial, the Battle of Turtle Creek, and the great “secret weapon” that had the British terrorized clear to the War of 1812, nearly 40 years later! Learn how the flogging of Daniel Morgan in the 1750’s may have cost the British, the Revolutionary War. Did Betsy Ross really make our first flag? Was she really a master spy for Washington too?

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What are we trying to do For over 10 years we have been trying to teach Americans critical truths about our country that have been forgotten, changed, or actually stolen from us and our children. To help in our efforts we developed a radio program called Uncle Sam Says. It is a half hour show where “Uncle Sam” tells true stories of our Founding Fathers. These stories are intended for all ages but we have found that grandparents and grand kids seem to enjoy them the most.

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