Thomas Paine’s Common Sense

On Jan 10, 1776, Thomas Paine published his booklet, Common Sense. Largely because of the Correspondence Committees, by the time of our Declaration of Independence in July of that year, it had become the best selling published work in the colonies selling on both sides of the Atlantic. It became so popular that in terms of the percentage of the population that bought it, it still holds the record of being the best selling published work ever sold in America and it is still selling and is still in print today.


Thomas Payne Common sense bookThe members of the Correspondence Committees would ride to town squares and taverns all over the colonies and actually read the entire book to the people. Then as soon as shipments of the books would arrive they would be sold out as people would be so excited about what it said.


The Correspondence Committees not only made the book Common Sense the subject of conversations all over every colony, but they also brought all of the other news which totally eliminated the ability of the British to skew the facts when they brought their own version of the news.

In other words; No more fake news!!!!

Because of the Correspondence Committees, the Colonists had an alternative and honest source of the news. The British were stopped in their tracks as they tried to shape public opinion. The Correspondence Committees not only beat the British to each colony but they beat them at their game of giving out fake news.


The fake news was dead on arrival because the truth was already there. And now……It is happening again!


Well, The CC rides again!

Yes, The Correspondence Committee has been resurrected and rides again bringing truth to all Americans. No more fake news! And YOU are invited to join with us.   We need you.   We are free to join.


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