What do I do now?

Hello America, It’s time for Uncle Sam Says,

Yikes, I am signing up but what do I do now?

I understand the feeling. Here is a list of things you should do to get started in the Correspondence Committee. If you are watching the news you can see why we are really in a big hurry.

We just don’t know how soon we will need our network in place but it can’t be in place too soon.  Please hurry.

  1. Join now.
  2. Become a Son of Liberty. (Go to the SOL location and volunteer to pay the $20.00 per month dues to help our American Heritage program.
  3. Study for Technician test.  Here is a terrific online training app! https://hamstudy.org/appstore Go on line and ask Google for ham test materials. There are plenty of free materials. I studied about 8 hours before I took and passed the test. While you study online you can also find a testing center near you: http://www.arrl.org/find-an-amateur-radio-license-exam-session. Unlike other government licensed organizations, Amateur radio members completely run their own programs including the testing. It will only cost $15.00 and you will find new patriot friends for life. (If already a ham disregard this step.) In about a week you will receive a government issued license and you are a ham!
  4. Go to the ham club meetings in your area. To find a club check out: https://www.qrz.com/clubs . Ask members for help  getting your rig set up. They will offer you more help than you could ever use.
  5. Invite all of your friends to our Correspondence Committee website. Tell them to watch the CC Rides Again power point presentation so they can join under you. https://unclesamsays.us/correspondence-committee/
  6. Go to our blog section our web site https://unclesamsays.us/blog and start to learn. We do 1- 3 blogs per week and they are all archived right there.
  7. If already a ham or as soon as you are licensed. Go to the SOL (Sons of Liberty) https://unclesamsays.us/sons-of-liberty  section and send us the requested information. You will be sent network participation information including times and frequencies for you to listen and to broadcast.


Hey, thanks for listening. Remember, you are learning the truth. Tell your friends. Speak with boldness, and keep your powder dry!

Mary Higgins Delaware Attorney


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