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Heritage Kit

Essential items for America’s Students

Introducing our new American Heritage Kit.

The kit is the very best “Care Package” that a School can get!

  • It teaches true American history so our kids can learn to become proud to be an American.
  • It teaches why America is indeed exceptional so our kids can be proud to be an American.
  • It is packed full of necessary gear, and information!
  • Sold separately the items in the American Heritage Kit would sell for over $850.00
  • We believe it is absolutely critical for our children to learn these things.

Some of the items are not controlled by us so we cannot get them at a lower price, however,
we believe this kit is so important to the future of our schools, students, and Nation, we have lowered the cost of those items that we do control so the kit is very affordable for every family.

How To Use The American Heritage Kit

Simply purchase your kit, we will ship it to your home, and then you use it yourself, or take it right to your school and donate it. Or we will send the kit to a school we have already contacted so we know they will actually use it properly.

Inside The American Heritage Kit-

Uncle Sam Says Stories

Our flagship product is a series of true stories of our Founding Fathers, developed over six years in the radio show, Uncle Sam Says, True stories of our Founding Fathers. These stories are designed to develop honor and love for our Founding Fathers so that honor and love will also be developed for the great documents they created, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. $69.95 /value

Rhymes Tables

This program will teach 4-5 year old children the complete times tables in less than three hours… and they will never forget. They get excited and compete with each other to shout out the answers.

This knowledge is the foundation of all science and being able to learn it so young will help America to reclaim its position of #1 on the world academic stage instead of of #26 where our students currently are. No longer must we hire our engineering students from Pakistan, India, or South Korea. $69.95 /value.


Constitutional Studies

These are college level courses on DVDs that teach Americanism, Capitalism, and Self Reliance. Americanism is the 28 principles of freedom contained within our great Constitution. Capitalism is the application of those principles.

Self Reliance is that great American Yankee spirit that sponsored wonder, love, and gratitude from the innocent and sometimes fear in the hearts of evil people all over the world. These courses teach what made America great the first time so we can do it again. $100.00s in value.


Forks Over Knives
Medical Truth Exposed. Big Pharma does not prevent or cure disease or even try to. They provide drug therapy for symptom relief so disease can be extended along with profits. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Parkinsons, and most other major diseases can be prevented, reversed, and cured by diet. It is called The China Study.

This is proven by the most scientific, the largest, and most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted. This study is condensed into a 96 minute video. Forks Over Knives.

This is a video made to illustrate the incredible details of a study done in China over dozens of years and included hundreds of thousands of people. Called the China Study, it proves beyond any argument that nearly all of our major deadly diseases including Cancer, Lupis, Sugar Diabetes, Parkinsons, etc. can all be prevented, and even cured by diet alone. The logic is conclusive and it truly makes sense to “follow the money”.

For instance , a live cancer patient can be worth several hundred thousand dollars to major Pharma or the health industry. A cured cancer patient is worth nothing to them.



Carry Your Own Sunshine

This book provides the soul of our message to America.
When the American colonists began to move West all they asked of our government was an opportunity. They did not ask for nor expect or demand a guarantee.

They did not demand higher wages, free education, free abortions, free food, or anything else. This is how the Yankee Spirit began and how we became true American Yankees.

This timely book explains very clearly why it is our own responsibility to determine our own happiness, not our government or anybody else.

Any other approach will only result in the sorrows and disaster that has destroyed every single system that has tried Socialism in any form in our world’s history including over one hundred million innocent lives lost in the last century alone. Not battle casualties but civilians being killed by their own government!


America’s Godly Heritage

This book by David Barton clearly shows the Christian ties to our government both through the many quotations of our Founding Fathers but also by following many court cases over many years that show beyond any doubt that our nation is a Christian nation.

It also show what happened to our national morality when we forced prayer out of our schools. That same year, 1962, all of our moral indicators began a catastrophic decline. Teenage pregnancy, rape, violent crime, even SAT scores, high school dropouts, The list is long and the statistics showing the change is jaw dropping.


Keys to Good Government

By David Barton. “In recent years, the American government has been plagued with a burgeoning number of scandals and corrupt public officials, yet for almost two centuries American government had been characterized as sound and morally untainted. What caused the change?” This book details the purpose and thinking of the Founders when they structured our country. By following these principles perhaps we can regain what has been lost!


Most of the items in the kit are not ours. We must buy them from the authors, publishers, or manufacturers. While we do sell each American Heritage item at a discount to our members, we do charge enough to move a portion of that money to obtaining more American Heritage products to send to our schools. So please understand that for every one that you buy, you are helping to send another one to a school.

Keys to Good Government



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